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Rebecca Thickbroom designer maker of wearable art

Rebecca Thickbroom

Designer and Maker

A London based artist, who grew up in a beautiful beach side suburb on the east coast of Australia (an Aussie with Welsh roots).  I was fortunate to have picturesque surroundings in the great outdoors and a supportive and encouraging family. 

Today I create exclusive pieces influenced by the great outdoors and Aussie Outback, and my travels which have led me to inspiring destinations and captured my passion for the Indigenous Australian, African and other Asia-Pacific cultures infused with the tribal goddess "Clectic".

"I love an adventure, the challenge of new experiences, a good laugh and I can always be found with a smile on my face.  Yes the cheery, friendly one that always finds the silver cloud lining and all that..."

Growing up, I was exposed to an array of arts and crafts such as embroidery, sewing, pottery, ceramics and woodwork. 

My Dad built my first swing set and is famous for his wooden toys and surf club trophies of the Iconic Redhead Beach Shark tower. Mum's artistic nature is something to treasure, her creations are always well executed, unique and admired by all.  I have fond memories of attending pottery exhibitions featuring her pieces - the colour, form and finish was always of paramount importance.

My Grandma could put an outfit together from what seemed like nothing and at a young age I realised the importance of jewellery.

My artistic path has led to the creation of wearable and sculptured art using polymer and alternative materials and techniques influenced by my love of all things coastal, tribal and ethnic.

The Material
After many years of creating jewellery with semi precious stones and beads, I challenged myself to find a material that allowed me to create one-off unique beads and discovered the sculptable material "Polymer".  I was instantly fascinated with its versatility to blend colours, paints, add textures, patterns, carve shapes and create mixed media pieces. Wow!